Cancun is a tourist city filled with tradition and modernity. In fact, Cancun is a city in the King Tanaro region of the Mexican Republic. Despite its rich history and tourism, it is also a bit risky because of its sometimes dangerous seasons. Discover in this article the city of Cancun and its wonders.

The seasons of Cancun

Cancun has two seasons, one of which is sweltering and rainy between May and October while the other half of the year is cool and relatively dry. Within these two main seasons is cancun hurricane season, which probably lasts from August to October. The danger of this season comes from hurricanes which are fortunately rare but can be devastating.

The facets of Cancun

Indeed Cancun is a city with two distinct facets. On the one hand, a long strip of beach which gathers the big hotel complexes where most of the tourists stay and on the other hand the city which knew to keep its authenticity and its culture. The hotel zone is in full expansion and many new hotels are growing along the Caribbean Sea. If you can afford it, it is probably a very good place to come and spend some quality time. On the other hand, Cancun is a city that has kept its Mexican DNA. Cancun is of course its hotels and its beaches that host the famous spring breaks during spring break.

Cancun, ideal city for vacations or adventure?

It is a city that lives with its time and from which emerges a festive atmosphere. The street food is abundant and delicious. The water is turquoise and therefore it is a very popular place for tourists. But Cancun can be a very good opportunity to have a first contact with the MAYA civilization by visiting the big museum dedicated to them. Even if it is far from being the most impressive archaeological site, it is very pleasant to walk through its ruins.