For those who are wondering, well, it is an American firm. Since its creation, it has specialised in the manufacture of all computer components. DELL is also about quality laptops and an excellent commercial policy. This is what has made it the third-best computer manufacturer in the world to date. 

DELL, the brand for professionals

DELL is the only brand to date that clearly states its commercial objectives and has clearly defined its target group, namely professionals. As proof, the adapter for dell laptop released a few years ago has been a huge success with IT professionals, and more specifically with the brand's key customers. 

For companies looking for robust, durable and, above all, high quality computer equipment, DELL is the brand to choose. 

DELL, the brand for robust and reliable computers 

As mentioned in the introduction, the DELL brand has an important role to play in meeting the needs of companies. Hence the key word robustness, characteristic of its computers and computer components. Opinions on this issue are unanimous today. 

The shells of DELL computers are unquestionably the hardest and most solid on the market today. So, yes, DELL computers are too thick, some would say, but that's the price to pay for security, durability and above all robustness. 

In addition to the outer shell of DELL computers, the quality of the internal components is indisputable. From the cooling system to the choice of screens, not to mention the quality of the batteries, the brand does not skimp on the means. 

For people looking for a computer that can serve for many years (four or even five) without worry, we recommend the DELL brand. 

A wide range of computers

DELL also has a well-stocked catalogue. The vast majority of DELL laptops are equipped with HD screens between 14 and 15 inches. Larger models are less popular because of their bulky nature. As far as processors are concerned, they are all Intel Core models.