Social media giants have come heavily on the Chinese embassy handle for what it says contravenes its policy. The US Chinese embassy account was disabled after some inappropriate tweets.

US Chinese embassy account disabled for a post on dehumanization

Twitter has locked the account of the Chinese embassy in the US over a tweet where they supported China’s view of Uighur Muslims. The media platforms say the tweet violates their rules on dehumanizing humans.

The foreign ministry in China states that they don’t understand the act by Twitter, and they should have contacted the Chinese embassy for clarification. Earlier last week, the Chinese Embassy handle @chineseEmbinUs tweeted that women in Uighur are being emancipated and no longer baby factories according to research done by Chinese daily.

However, the Tweet hit the wrong nerve and was immediately removed by Twitter, and no longer available. Although the social media platform hides tweets that go against its terms, it mandates the owners of the account to manually remove such messages.

Embassy officials insist the post is to correct misinformation about China

The handle has now been idle and has not posted any message since January 10. Twitter’s suspension of the US Chinese embassy came weeks after Facebook and Twitter suspended former US President Donald Trump.

The Trump administration has accused the Chinese government of acts of genocide against the Uighur people. The new administration of President Joe Biden has not made any comment on the issue. A statement by Twitter reads: “ We have taken measures against a post made by the Chinese embassy for actions that violated our policies about the dehumanization of a race, religion, caste systems, and ethnicity.’

A spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry, Hua Chunying in a statement said the embassy was amazed by the step taken by Twitter. He defended the tweet saying it is in the best interest of China to refute false messages about activities in the XINJIANG region.