President Joe Biden to change US travel bans plans and add South Africa due to recent COVID-19 strain

The new administration of President Joe Biden has made moves to reinstate some policies on traveling. It will make slight modifications to the Trump policy while still retaining some aspects.

South Africa to be added to US travel ban due to Covid-19 variant

Mr. Joe Biden on Monday morning has initiated plans to reinstate some travel bans which includes Brazil, Ireland, the UK, and other 25 EU nations.

According to White House sources, while some countries will be removed from the ban, South Africa will be added due to a Covid-19 strain originating from there. An expert in infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci has hailed President Joe Biden’s decision as“ excellent” and in time.

‘We have some concerns about COVID-19 mutations in South Africa so that certain restrictions be placed on movement to a firm there.“

The Biden administration is reversing an order by the previous Trump administration which calls for a flexible travel restriction to South Africa. All international travelers to the US are now mandated to get a negative COVID-19 test three days before entering America.

UK strain discovered in some US cities

The Biden administration has said it will reinstate some travel restrictions with the addition of South Africa to the list. Though the South African strain hasn’t been seen in the US, the UK COVID-19 variant has been discovered in several US states.

According to Dr. Fauci, there is a high possibility that the new vaccines will stop the new variants, however, caution must be applied by everyone. He also warned that there may be a further variant in the future and that vaccines should be able to adapt to such strains.

Just last week, the Biden administration initiated moves to make it mandatory for all foreign travelers into the US to quarantine before being allowed to mingle with the populace.