The coronavirus has infected another head of state, this time, the president of Mexico. Despite all safety protocols, he has been diagnosed with the virus, although his symptoms are mild.

President Andrés Obrador diagnose with COVID-19

The president of Mexico, Mr. Andres Manuel Obrador has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. This announcement comes as the country continues to fight the infections.

President Obrador has been severely criticized for how his administration handled the pandemic and for not doing enough to help the citizens. After taking the test on Saturday, he came out positive, however, the symptoms are mild, and he has been receiving medical attention.

“ It is with sadness that I announce that I have just been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, although the symptoms are not severe, I am taking several treatments and am confident that I will overcome it. “ 

Doctors assure of his safety, and won’t affect the administration process

Joey Luiz Zeggara, a Mexican epidemiologist said that the 68-year-old Obrador had a very mild case of COVID-19 and currently in isolation. The president said while in isolation Mexico’s interior secretary will be making his daily news conferences.

Though he is suffering from high blood pressure, he has not yet taken a vaccine jab even though Mexico has received delivery of some batch of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. President Obrador has insisted that health officials at the forefront of the fight will be the first to get the vaccines.

Also, under the new government scheme of vaccination, people over the age of 69 will receive vaccines by February. The president doesn’t wear a Face mask or shield and has always been traveling to all parts of the country.

Unlike neighbors, he has also refused to initiate lockdown procedures, saying such measures will affect the country’s economy which isn’t doing well at the moment. Mexico has about 160,000 fatalities and 1.9 m infected citizens. The second wave of COVID-19 has put more pressure on the already fragile health sector in the country.