The activity, the work of many requires a physical or mental effort. Thus, we are confronted with stress and a high degree of anxiety to give our best. In one region of the world, Kratom has proved indispensable in these kinds of situations in view of its natural effects on man.

The quid on Kratom?

Native to Asia, Kratom grows mainly in the southeast of that region. Various are the properties of Biak (second name of Kratom). Its effects vary from one region of production to another and also according to the nature of the tree or the subspecies. In general, it is used for its aphrodisiac effect. Stimulating, relaxing and euphoric. In humans, its effects are similar to those of opium or cocaine. While some prefer to chew the leaf directly, others make infusions. There are three types of Biak. The Malay Biak, the Balinese Biak and the Da Manege. They all play practically the same role (analgesic and stimulating) with the only difference being the dosage applied when consumed. Maeng da being the most potent requires only a small amount to get the desired effect after a few minutes. More information on the link

Usefulness of Kratom for humans

Kratom is considered a traditional medicine. In Southeast Asia, it is used against fatigue and pain. Consumed in low doses, Biak appears to be a stimulant and a simple euphoriant which is not the case when the dose is high. High doses of this plant cause drowsiness or anaesthesia. In addition to this, Biak is used as an aphrodisiac. It increases sexual desire in both men and women. Opinions are not always divided on this point. It has an anti-aphrodisiac effect for some. Also, it is important to know that, like all Opium, Kratom leads to dependence in case of abuse. Its cocaine-like properties make its possession illegal in some countries.