There are over 40 different compounds in Kratom extract, and many of these ingredients are quite active. Many of them are types of alkaloids like mitraphylline and hydroxymitragynine-7. And for proper use you need to know the dosage as well as its side effects.

Dosing of Kratom

There is no official recommended daily dose of Kratom. That's because you still have to go through the kind of rigorous regulatory process needed to establish a value. The second best evidence to look at is to compare studies and user reports that provide general advice based on experiences. Click on the link for more information Please bear in mind that this only leads to the approach of the instructions for use and that you should always start with the lowest effective dose. The acceptable range seems to be 1 to 50 grams per day of Kratom. This will depend on whether you are receiving this supplement in powder, tea or other formulation. You should look at the concentration and purity information provided by the supplier from whom you are purchasing this product. They will be able to give you a better idea of an accepted use practice. In general, any 1-5 grams will be quite mild and stimulating.

Side effects of kratom

One of the distinct effects of this supplement is that you may feel very alert one moment, and then feel like falling asleep the next. Therefore, it is not recommended to drive or use dangerous equipment while using this supplement. There are also some reports of Kratom addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Although it is possible to become habit forming, this is not common when used responsibly. Some other side effects include nervousness, skin darkening, constipation, aggression, nausea, loss of libido, dry mouth, vomiting, and prolonged sleep.