Every cat owner knows that small animals are extremely adventurous. So a door left open can lead to an escape. This usually causes major headaches as some cats get lost. In this case, how many days can a cat miss? This is a common question among tutors. With this in mind, we have decided to help you, the person who wonders how many days a cat can be missing.

How many days should you wait for your missing cat?

Let's be clear right away: it is not possible to determine exactly how many days a cat may be missing. This can vary considerably depending on each situation and also the animal's habits. Go to our site to read more about how to deal with a lost cat that comes home. After all, if the cat was used to always sneaking out, chances are it will find its way home quickly. If not, the process may take longer. This does not mean, however, that there is no chance of the cat returning. After all, these factors are not determinative and are subject to variables. There are reports of stray cats managing to return home months after their escape. These small animals are very intelligent and usually do not stray too far from the escape site. The chances of your runaway being around are therefore very high. However, it is worth saying that sitting and waiting for the animal should be the last resort used to deal with a runaway cat.

How do you find a lost cat?

We know that finding a runaway cat is not a simple task, but know that there are some methods that help you in this mission. So let's list some tips on how to find missing cats.
• Use strong smelling food: If your pet is nearby, it is likely to hear the sound of your favourite tin. So go looking for the animal with a very tasty food in hand.
• Inform as many people as possible about the runaway: the more people who know about the missing cat, the better.
• Use torches and search in dark, narrow places