Greece wants to increase the efficiency of its military equipment. This is why it has signed a deal with the French to buy fighter jets.

Greece buys French fighter jets to enhance defense systems

Greece agreed to a 2.4 billion euro military deal with France, Monday evening. This deal covers the purchase of about 19 Rafale fighter planes as problems with Turkey persist.

The French defense minister, Mr. Florence Parly flew into Athens to complete the deal, which includes the delivery of 11 used and 7 new aircraft developed by Dassault Aviation over one and half years ago. France is Greece’s ally over the tussle over boundaries in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterraneo which has brought both NATO countries close to war recently.

Move linked to Turkey/Greece tussle

Problems arose again last year when a Turkey exploration group in disputed seas almost caused the military assault. Both countries have agreed to sit at the table to iron out their differences. Top government officials from Greece and Turkey yesterday, met in Istanbul to resume talks. However, Greece said it will continue to do business with the French in what is a multi-billion euro military scheme.

This is because of years of cut budget due to the country’s economic problems. “ We are looking at upgrading the Hellenic Air Force to meet global standards. We will acquire new fighters and good state—of—the art military equipment“ a top fellow on security policy in Austria said.

There will be an increase in the duration of compulsory national service in Greece from eight months to a year to increase the military force in the country. Aside from selling military weapons to Greece, the French will also offer them several training personals and military intelligence which will make Greece's military formations more effective.