Maintaining good customer relationships is fundamental to a company's growth. To optimize this relationship, some companies have set up or use call centers. We decided to take a closer look at this very popular activity on the continent. What is the technological revolution in call centers? In this article, you will learn the most important things about call centers.

What is a call center?

Let's go back to the etymology of the terms. Call centers handle telephone "calls" and are called "call centers." If we stick to this term, a call center solution is a tool for handling calls, nothing more. However, it goes beyond that and its purpose is as important. Call centers have become an important tool for optimizing customer relationships. Specifically, a call center, which today can also be called a contact center, is a platform for making and receiving calls. This makes call centers the backbone of customer relationship management.  The call center industry has changed over the past decades. The continuous development of communication and information technologies has changed the way call centers work.

What is the technological revolution in call centers?

Today call centers are no longer limited to simple telephone operations. Information now flows through multiple channels for both inbound and outbound marketing. The telecommunications industry has evolved to handle multiple streams and forms of communication. Consumers now have a wide range of tools at their disposal to reach brands and companies. Communication technologies and information management have changed in recent decades and especially at the beginning of this century. As a result, contact center operations have had to adapt and evolve to keep pace with telecommunications innovations.

Why are call centers called customer relationship management services? 

If in the past, telephony platforms were used to facilitate contact between a company or a brand and its customers, the evolution of technological tools and the digital environment has broadened the mission and role of these telecommunications companies. Depending on your age, few people have experienced the world of customer relations and customer prospecting without a cell phone, computer, tablet or the whole digital world that surrounds us today thanks to the emergence of GAFA, the rise of the internet and now artificial intelligence.  More precisely, call centers should be called contact centers. The difference is that our research tool is essentially the phone, so we use it to communicate remotely. Mainly to support the sales staff in the field.