This fact has become in recent days the cabbage of everyone. In every corner of France, the controversy is felt about the famous American singer. It is, of course, Selena Gomez who called out the French head of state Emmanuel Macron, a fact that seems for many people a fiction. Read this article to get the inside scoop.

An unusual fact that a star like Selena Gomez challenges Macron

One could imagine the disturbance that the president of the French republic would feel after realizing is the object of direct interpellation by the famous American actress and singer in the person of Selena Gomez on social networks. Certainly, the interpellations of the head of state on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by known people or even those who require anonymity are not rare. But it is not common to involve international personalities like Selena Gomez. Go to this site to Indeed, one can quickly recall the calls made by some French artists such as Matt Pokora to Emmanuel Macron at the advent of the current pandemic, as well as the comedian Jean-Marie Bigard who does not hesitate to push against Macron's government on a regular basis of big blows.

Object of controversy, Selena Gomez she has just made a radical decision

A great concern lodges the hearts of thousands of Internet users about the American singer and actress Selena Gomez. Indeed, the planetary star has not hesitated in recent days to make choices more or less surprising. On social networks, we can discover a young woman completely metamorphosed, and this in a photo that shows the star in a blonde painting. Dressed in a very sloppy way, a haircut that leaves the hairdressers perplexed, in addition to a disturbing smile, the singer has caused controversy on the web. The big question is if this is the reason why she would have sought the help of Macron and several other personalities.