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Photos of White Rose facility

"After driving past the gate, it was almost like we were driving into heaven. The gardens were absolutely beautiful and the setting most peaceful and tranquil." - L.L, Tunbridge, VT

"This morning I drove to Brattleboro to the White Rose facility. Words can not do justice to what I was faced with. The grounds where White Rose is located are groomed to perfection, flowers and statutes of animals were tastefully arranged throughout the grounds. A fountain with real ducks, geese, rabbits and several goats greet you as you enter the main area. As you enter, you are immediately met with life.....not death." - T.H., Belchertown, MA




White Rose Memorial Ledges


This photo shows our beautiful memorial ledges next to our Gazebo the cremains of pets are gently scattered following their group (communal)

facility-photo-1.jpg facility-photo-2.jpg facility-photo-3.jpg
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img-0453.jpg lillieswithcat.jpg
lillies-000.jpg fencelillies.jpg
 wintergazebo.jpg  gazebo1.jpg
Our beautiful gazebo shown in winter white and fall foliage.
 maggietree.jpg  littlemaggiestatte.jpg
This is our "Maggie's Tree" with little Maggie watching over and safeguarding her special tree.
 lillies.jpg  img-0900-0036.jpg
 img-0515.jpg  fl020019.jpg
Our family of goats, geese and rabbits greet and acknowledge families as they pass by the pond
 img-0529.jpg  img-0163.jpg
Our "Joe" family (10 Giant Flemish Rabbits). Mother Mocha Joe, Father Joe and their eight babies: Babby Brother Joe, Blackie, Blackie Joe, Baby Mocha Joe, Brownie Joe, Mr. Joe, Brownie Mocha, and Sister Joe. Born at White Rose in October 2008. All baby rabbits were spayed and neutered and lived harmoniously with their barn companions.
 img-1020.jpg  img-1019.jpg
Gardens coming to rest with fall beautiful fall colors.
 wintersceneentrance.jpg  winterentrance-004.jpg