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Pet Tributes


Maple Nelson
Today, as I lost my best friend an angel was born. Relief and comfort fell over me knowing she was safe, happy, healthy and taking care of those that have passed on. They are looking down and keeping us safe.

She always had a smile on her face and sparkle in her eyes which was so contagious it would light up your day no matter the weather or mood.

I'll never forget my pup...my best friend 'Mape". She had been through so much and was stronger than anyone and anything I know.

Love You Maple,
Stevie Nelson

January 23, 2009

Pet Tributes - Special Memories

White Rose recognizes that there are few means by which people can express openly the deep relationships they shared with pets who have passed on.

Yet, the emotional value of putting those feelings into words is one that should not be minimized. There is comfort in giving public testimony to the value of those cherished relationships.

White Rose is pleased to dedicate these special pages to pets who have passed. Every pet is different and has a story to share. We would like to invite you to honor your pet in our memorial registry. Your pet’s story will remain on our site, not only to help you through your grieving process, but also to provide an opportunity to share your pet’s story with your friends, family and other animal lovers who visit the site.

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To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.