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Pet Tributes - Special Memories



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March 1, 2017 - July 27, 2018


She arrived at the FCSO Regional Dog Shelter on June 29th in rough shape.  She collapsed shortly after arriving and was rushed to a local vet who got her through that crisis.

She fell going down the stairs and getting out of the car and she bumped into objects.  We thought she was blind.  A vet ophthalmologist examined and tested her eyes and they were good and a vet neurology consult was suggested.  The dog-loving community joined together and donated funds so Fernie would be able to take the next step towards having her good life.  The neurologist examined her, did an MRI of her brain and collected cerebrospinal fluid to see if there was a treatable infection.

The MRI results were not good news.

Fernie had hydrocephalus... The compartments inside her brain were full of fluid that was blocked from draining, so much so that the pressure compacted her brain tissue and impacted her vision, movement and thinking.  The neurologist thought she likely had pain in her head from the pressure.

Fernie's last hope was to find microbes (virus, bacteria or fungus) in her cerebrospinal fluid.  If there were microbes antibiotics might have been enough to reverse the hydrocephalus and allow her to have a normal life.

The neurologist called the Shelter this morning.  There were no microbes in her cerebrospinal fluid.  Fernie had primary hydrocephalus, for which there is no cure.  The fluid would likely continue to accumulate causing headaches and progressive loss of functioning.

The Shelter had thought about and planned for all possible outcomes.  This was the one nobody wanted.

Fernie took her last ride in the car for the vet visit this afternoon.  She waas tenderly held by Shelter staff and volunteers and relaxed into the land whre two year old dogs can run and romp and sing forever.


Liberty "Libby" Johnson

May 22, 2004 - February 13, 2018


We picked Libby out from a litter of puppies on the 4th of July, thus why we named her Liberty.  Libby was a sweet soul.  She loved to to hunt and howl even though it was only in our backyard.  She was a bright spot in our lives and very easy to please.  We loved her so much and miss her every day.




Dee Bevins

December 28, 2005 - June 23, 2018


Daphne Gray

Here is my girl on her last day before she joined others from our family.

God bless you for all the love and licks


Elsa Bella Pakenham

April 19, 2005 - June 1, 2018

We only had one short year together. It was the best year of my life. Your last year on this earth I know was one of your best too.

All who met you just loved you. You were such a calm girl. I’ll never forget you Elsa Bella.

I know you’re with my my other babies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell sweet Elsa until we meet again.



Bella Marie

December 1, 2005 - June 7, 2018

We lost our beloved dog Bella yesterday. She had been with us almost 14 years. She loved to go swimming either in the lake or in the river and she loved it when I put music on and we danced. As she aged, she slowed down quite a bit, but she was always a kind sweet soul. She would watch me working in the yard, for hours, never taking her eyes of me. You will be sadly missed dear sweet Bella, but now you finally have some peace and no more pain. We love you and miss you with all our heart.

Love you Bella Marie, Ry Ry and Momma