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Pet Tributes - Special Memories



Abby Perry

June 6, 2001 - April 13, 2017

I had Abby for an amazing 16 years. She was such a tough girl. She was set in her ways and if she didn't want to do something she would let you know. She was the big sister of 3 yorkies. She loved the snow so much she would bury her head in the snow. I have so many funny pictures of her all snow covered. We all miss her terribly and it just isn't the same without her here. I am so glad to have her ashes in a gorgeous urn. It gives me great peace.

Karen Perry


Shadow and Calvin Ingraham

2001 - 2017

16 years ago 2 cats entered my life. Shadow, my tuxedo cat, was a rescue kitten.....starving, confused, lonely....I had recently lost my precious cat Sparky of 10 years and was so heartbroken and never wanted another cat....but in came Shadow....I took her home and did my best to put weight on her...she was a nutter from the start....always jumping up on anything high and scattering all....but so smart and affectionate I forgave her every transgression. The day I brought her to the vet for shots there was a small grey cat in a cage in the waiting room....who looked exactly like my departed cat Sparky! I went through the whole appointment kind of freaking out that this cat in the waiting room so resembled my Sparky that it hurt bad to look at him. But I had to bring him home...Calvin was standoffish in the beginning but in time he became my dear sweet boysie and in spite of his love of nipping his buddy Shadow's ears all the time they loved one another like sister and brother for 16 years...driving me a bit nuts with their wild sides right up to their last days....Calvin was a love who loved all folks, just like Shadow...I will never stop missing these two....one day I will be with them again in what I feel is heaven...until then my loves....

Wendy Ingraham



Henry Augusto

June 2, 2007 - March 14, 2017

I lost my best friend this morning. We had almost ten happy and healthy years together and I'm going to miss him. I'll see you at the rainbow bridge Henry. I love you. 

Geoffrey Augusto


Tigger Haines

August 3, 2000 - February 17, 2017


Thank you for an amazing 16 & 1/2 years. You are my best friend forever!

Kristen Haines




In Memory of Willy

 Aka wee wee , Willard, Willy Wonka

 April 21, 2006 - February 6, 2017


Recently, we lost our cat, Willy. He was almost 11 years old, and he was showing all the signs of slowing down and respecting his own need to remain indoors with us, rather than to venture outside every chance he would get. We noticed the process he was going through, and made it our daily mission to show him how much we loved and valued him as part of our family. Willy was the most gracious and patient pet we have shared our home with. He would wait for the three other cats to finish eating and drinking before he would settle in front of the food bowl. He would spend almost every night in my son's room, on his chest. Willy was a crucial part of our comfortable home. When we came home to find he had passed while we left for the day, we were shocked and so full of sorrow. That morning, Willy had exhibited more energy and more love than he had since he was a kitten. We thought he was cashing in on perhaps #8 of his 9 lives. Willy did this knowingly. He was willingly giving us back the love we gave him. The memory of that morning will stay with us forever.

 Frankie, Eleni, and Jessica Raquel



Reba Auvil

August 5, 2010 - January 29, 2017


Reba you were our best girl. You were a gentle giant and I always knew you loved us so much. We love and miss you so much! Oliver your kitty also misses you. He looks for you and I can tell he is lost without you. I listen for your toenails clicking down the hall with a shuffle, like a woman wearing slippers roaming around the house. I also miss your breathing, it was comforting and relaxing to hear you breathe. You were with us only 4 years and 8 months, but in that short time we grew to love you like no other animal.  The house is so quiet, that is what I notice the most about missing your presence. Noah, Oliver and Sandee miss and love you, Reba we will never forget you, Thank you for being in our lives.


Rainbow Sage Adams

 June 30, 2004 – February 17, 2017

 Rainbow embodied joy and love. Every moment of her life was filled with joy and happiness that she showered on my existence, flooding my life with blessings. When I was sad, she would bring her little soft indoor frisbee to me and stand at my knee silently, waiting, looking at me with her warm brown eyes until I responded to throw it for her. And then again. And again. Until the dark of my despair was driven away by the sunlight of Rainbow’s beautiful soul. One of my best recent memories with her is from just after we moved here last summer, when she and I walked up a hill into the woods and sat down together, side by side. She set one front paw on my thigh and exchanged a look of mutual astonishment with me as the rich, fertile aromas of the woods here enveloped us like a mist. It was magic, and she felt it too. And before that memory are all the others I treasure, of the two of us and Jack, the older male border collie I had then as well, at our ranch in the West – the two of them racing down the dirt lane ahead of me on our walks, lifting their noses to scent animals on the wind, then tearing back to me when I whistled, their mouths grinning and tongues lolling out. Rainbow sleeping back to back with me, wriggling her head to rub against the back of my head; Rainbow waking me if I had a migraine aura at night so I could take medicine; Rainbow at my heels always, on our walks and in my life. I keep looking for her next to me, at my knee, by my bed. But she is not there now. Yet, in some way, she is and always will be. I love you forever, Rainbow, my very best friend. Thank you for being part of my life. I miss you with all my heart.


Dawn Adams


Gio (DiRosa) Monday

March 23, 2005 - February 6, 2017

Gio's unconditional love made a sad day brighter, made a hurtful day healed, made a day of pure love last a bit longer everyday. He filled a void in my heart when he arrived, however, took a little piece of it with him when he left. We both share each other's missing pieces and somehow stay adjoined as a whole heart forever.

Debra Monday