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Pet Tributes - Special Memories



Kitty Sullivan


It's been over a month since my sweet little beast crossed that rainbow bridge, and it still hurts.  Seventeen and a half years ago, if anyone told me a cat would have such a profound impact on me, I would have laughed.  I didn't think that much of cats, and my goodness did Kitty change that!  I first met my little fur ball at a friend's apartment complex.  People had abandoned their cats when they moved, and three or four of them were still hanging around, surviving off the kindness of the other residents.  It was March, and very cold.  I couldn't believe the cruelty of the people who those cats had put their trust in.  I was living alone and decided a companion pet might be nice, so I decided to adopt one of those poor souls.  My friend and I were outside when this cute little tiger came along.  I put my hand towards her so she could sniff me and she flinched.  My friend said that she was usually quite friendly and that he believed someone must have been being mean to her.  That sealed the deal, and I called the local SPCA hospital and set up an appointment to bring her in the next day to get her road-worthy.  The woman at the desk asked me for my name, etc.,  and when she asked me the cat's name I said I didn't know, since we had just met.  I blurted out "Kitty," and my new friend had her name.  The vet guessed her to be about a year old.  When I got her home and let her out of the carrier my friend had loaned me, she looked around and then looked up at me with an expression that I swear said "Wow, I made out, didn't I?"  And so it began.  As we got to know each other, it became clearer and clearer to me that Kitty was a special soul; sweet and loving, she would follow me around like a puppy.   Spring came, and as I was going out on the deck one day I held the door and asked her if she wanted to come out.  The look on her face said "I fell for that one once already.  No thanks," and she walked away.  She never showed a desire to leave our home all the time she was with me.  Every day when I came home from work, she would be waiting in her window, and when I got inside she would greet me like we hadn't seen each other in years.   We shared so many tender moments, and I learned what unconditional love was all about.  I married, but my wife passed away far too young.  Kitty was there for me.  She knew I was troubled, and in her little cat way she consoled me.  The love and compassion Kitty showed was astounding.  As time passed and we both aged, she lost the ability to get to her favorite window on her own.  She wasn't able to get up on the bathroom vanity and nudge me for pets as I dried off from a shower anymore.  I set up stuff to help her do these things, but I knew she was winding down.  I realized she was going deaf and her vision was failing, but her love never faltered.  Eventually, it became time to do the right thing; the humane thing.  That was the most painful thing I have ever done, but I know my little beast is ok.  I never knew just how much the loss of a pet could affect someone.  There are tears in my eyes as I write this, but that's alright.  I have been blessed with the companionship, love, and devotion of the sweetest little beast ever: my little Kitty. I know she's waiting on the other side of that bridge, and all is well for her.


Gerald Sullivan


Bailey Henderson

March 10, 2006 - October 10, 2017


You are greatly missed and loved Bailey.  My heart is heavy!


Rose Henderson


Cassandra Marie Rose Mongeau
June 26, 2001 - September 28, 2017

“It came to me
that every time I lose a dog
They take a piece  
of my heart with them…

And every new dog
who comes into my life
Gifts me with a piece
of their heart…

If I live long enough
All of the components
of my heart
will be dog…

And I will become
as generous
and loving
as they are.”



Dear Cassie,
Sixteen years, three months, two days.
Thank you for all the happy memories of:
Running down the sandy edges of Surf Drive Beach - dipping your paws into the water - snuffling out the empty crab shells with Winnie
“Helping” in the garden - digging after the bugs - laying down in the warm dirt in the shade of the tomato plants
Bobbing for ice cubes in the kiddie pool on hot summer days
Asking for car rides an sprawling on the seat falling asleep on my arm
Walking in your favorite park and “telling” us which way you wanted to go
Riding like royalty in the stroller and enjoying the sights
Watching for chipmunks and feeling the breezes laying in your camping chair all day long
“Dancing” the blueberry dog cookie shuffle to request your favorite treat
Greeting Dad at the end of a long workday and snuggling close to him at night to show him that you missed him
Grieving with us when Winnie passed away
Welcoming Zoey and comforting her through her recovery from the shelter and the operation
You showed everyone who loves you how to be patient, cheerful and brave - even when you weren't feeling well.  You showed us all your grace, dignity and capacity for love.  Our little ten-pound “camping girl.”  Find Winnie and Velvet.  Tell them that we love them.  Someone wrote that “Heaven is all the dogs you have ever loved.” Think maybe that’s probably right - Isn’t “dog” spelled backward “god”?

Lucy & John Mongeau




December 2011- September 2017


You were the best dog in the world and I will love you forever! I adopted you from Golden Huggs. They told me you were 3. Through miscommunication, they placed you with a couple in Nashua, NH but you didn’t get along with their other dog so I got called. Funny! You've never had problems with any other dogs and we fostered two. We were meant for each other. You loved the yard behind our house, especially the deck where you loved to go underneath and dig holes. You’d hide your squeaker toys under there too. You loved riding in the car and we went so many places together: Cape Cod, Maine, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida. Each place had different smells and you smelled them all. You had good friends too and their humans: Nancy and Mike and their dog Shadow, Cathy and John and their dog Chloe, Michelle and Java, Amy and JP and even a kitten who lived upstairs. When I sold the house and bought an RV, you made the transition with me. Every time we stopped to rest though, you had to get out to check out the smells. You liked riding between me and the passenger seat so I could scratch you on a regular basis. Your favorite spot was under your front legs. How were we to know that you would have only a short time here? - only 6 years. It was so unexpected! No reason for it that I could see. You were having muscle spasms. Then you got a little better but one day, I could tell. It was time. I couldn’t stand to see you in pain and have trouble breathing. You will always be in my heart. I picture you running free in Dog Heaven chasing geese, digging holes, sitting under a shady tree, having all the turkey jerky you want and waiting for me.


Diana Mazzuchi



Jordan "Satchmo" Baby Girl

September 13, 2004 - August 29, 2017


Jordan loved being in the garden and stealing veggies off the vines. She had a remarkable voice that she used, and when Randy played the trumpet she would howl along, which is how she received the nickname "Satchmo" after Louis Armstrong. Jordan loved everybody and never forgot a face. We will miss her tremendously and she will forever be embedded in our memory. What an incredible, fantastic, loving, and giving animal. She gave us unconditional love, and we are blessed for having her in our lives. Baby-girl, Jordie Pants, We love you so much. See you again at the Rainbow Bridge Dear heart.

Wanda and Randy Smith



                   July 20, 2004 - July 29, 2017

We were so excited when we brought you home at 8 weeks old.  You added so much joy to our lives and we were so proud of you during obedience classes and later on as we competed in Rally Obedience.  Win or lose, it didn’t matter;  You were so happy being around all the other dogs and people.
You always had a friendly greeting for everyone followed by a kiss or two.  As time went on and I started seeing signs of you slowing down, I thought about how hard it would be when the time came to say a final goodbye.  That day came and it was the hardest thing we have ever had to do.
We are so grateful for the privilege of taking care of you and having you as a member of our family for 13 years.

Richard & Cindy Yoerger





I've had Koa since I was in 8th grade. I'm going to miss him smiling at me when I would come home and when he would lay his head on my lap when I was sad. He was such an amazing dog with an amusing personality. I love you Koa-Boa and I will always remember you as the Doberman who had a big heart and was scared of everything ❤

Colleen Dumas


Surprise’s story

Her name is Surprise- and she certainly was one to us. She was born as a single puppy to a young golden retriever mother. I had yearned for a dog- and then in my 13th year, she joined our family. I was the loner, the social outcast. But, Surprise brought me out of myself. She was/is a golden girl. I am writing here about the time during which she left her physical life- and the gift she left for me. It is because of Surprise that I came to know and trust in All That Is.
In the mail, came something addressed to me from the Maine Registry of Motor Vehicles. I had just moved back from Maine to the home I grew up in.  I remembered mailing RMV my plates and wondered what they might want. I opened up the envelope. Inside was a picture of Surprise. Apparently, I had mistakenly mailed them a picture inadvertently placed in between the plates.  Along with the picture, there was a piece of paper with a very short message:  “I know somebody loves her.”
Several days passed. It was Friday and my parents planned to take her up to Maine for the weekend. They had a vacation home there.   I saw her outside on her lead. I went to say goodbye to her.  It was then I heard a voice inside say: “You’re never going to see her again.” I was used to internal sabotage and I didn’t know what this meant…Was this another way to hurt myself? But, I had heard voices call to me before- and I sensed them as benevolent souls who meant no harm. I went down the stairs, hugged Surprise and told her I loved her, then went back inside to start my day.
I got a call later that night. My parents had taken Surprise to the vet. She was very, very sick. They didn’t know if she would make it through the night. I called the vet myself and was told the same. I made up my mind that I wanted to be with her. I would not let her be alone.  It was late- perhaps, midnight when I left. It was foggy out, cold, and dark.
I drove into the night. It was about 3AM when the car spun out of control. I couldn’t see well due to the fog. I don’t know if there was black ice. I don’t know what happened. But, later on, I wondered if I had left the car and my body to be with her as she left the physical plane.  
I arrived in the early morning at my family’s home in Maine. We got the call shortly after 9AM.  She had passed away in the night. I wanted to bring her body home. The ground was frozen- but we did bring her home. A friend of my sister’s dug through the snow and ice. I picked her up, placed her inside the hollow of dirt and climbed in with her for a moment. Everyone was quiet around me. That’s all I remember of that moment.
Later, I went down to the beach and had a little talk with God. I wanted a sign that she was safe and well. I asked for some sign- something that would let me know she was okay. In that moment, I was given a sign of a single white rose. We drove home the next day which happened to be 2 days before valentine’s day.  I walked into the pharmacy on the way home looking for a valentine’s card for my parents. I glanced through the sympathy section. One card stood out to me. On the front, there was a single white rose and these words:
“There is Life beyond the Wall.” I took the card home.
Days passed, then several months- and I spent a lot of time alone in my bedroom. And then, one day, I was sitting on my bed. I turned my head toward the center of the room and she was there in front of me.  She stayed a moment or two before she disappeared.
A year passed. On the anniversary of her passing, I stood above her grave looking down upon it, searching for her. I felt empty. I picked up my head and looked around me at all the life around me and felt this amazing rush of loving energy coming from the life I was surrounded by- the trees, the bushes, the rocks, the sky, and all of the critters. The energy flowed through my entire being- starting at the top of my head, went through my entire body, and flowed directly into Surprise’s grave. And I knew then- that Surprise was/is in all life that surrounded me. And that was the moment I knew that God is real, that love never dies, that energy moves from form to formlessness, and that we never lose the ones we love.

 “My Poem for Surprise”

This is the season of death,
As she has taken her last breath.
I ask myself, what is beyond the wall?
I must believe, I cannot fall.
I scream, I cry,
I whisper, why?
There must be a reason!
The answer is, this is the season.
I to go inside to the far away place.
It is this world I refuse to face.
She chose to die and I to live.
What is it I still have to give?
What must I learn before I leave?
I know she is free but I still grieve.
I do not know of the other side.
Why is it from the truth that I must hide?
To die is to live, and to live is to die,
So Surprise exists, it’s not a lie.
I know I need not fear,
I say goodbye, my Prise, my dear.
As she has taken her last breath,
This is the season of death.

Deborah Thunderchild


Mukota's Venus Kissed the Moon "Cassie"

April 10, 2006 - June 17, 2017

Cassie was a very special girl - we witnessed her birth, and held her as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Between those events, she ran, swam, played, dug in the mud and enjoyed the company of our pack, including her sister. Cassie, while never actually a mother herself, "mothered" each of our other dogs, and seemed to always keep track of everyone - no easy feat. She was excellent with our granddaughters at all ages, and never met a person or a dog that she didn't like. She enjoyed being with her family (human or canine) and seemed to have a particular fondness for peanut butter. Cassie certainly displayed the sweetness of temperament that the Newfoundland breed is known for. We will miss you, sweet girl. Swim free.....................

Debra and Robert Ball



June 2005 - June 3, 2017

You chose me. I know you did. You could have gone to some other house that day instead of the group home I was working in. But you chose that house. I found you and walked the neighborhood searching for the place you called home. I didn’t find it, only a neighbor, who urged me to look down at your paw. It was only then I noticed that your paw was torn in two. I saw that the blood had congealed and I realized that it had been days since that injury. And then the neighbor told me that she had seen a car slowdown in front of her house. I looked at the woods across the way. And I knew that you were abandoned and had probably been thrown out of a moving vehicle.

I brought you home, took you to the doctor the next day, and he told me you had a 50:50 chance of using your leg.  I did physical therapy with you. We played together day after day. You used your leg, to play with toys, and grab my hand. I didn’t know your name yet. Nothing felt right until my eyes settled on James Redfield’s book ”The Celestine  Prophecy.” And I remembered the meaning behind the Celestine Prophecy. A being prayed over, in that case a plant, but any being prayed over, feels that prayer. She or he receives the prayer and that being blooms. And my good girl, you bloomed. Your leg healed. So many years ago that was. Healing is your namesake.  Your body could not be healed this time but I pray that your mind and heart and soul are healed now.  We have always been so connected. And you felt everything I felt.  And you loved me everyday.

I thank you for so many things. Most importantly, I thank you for your love. I will never let go of your love. The lessons, some of which I still have left to learn, are the gifts you have left me.  I thank you for the laughter. And the games we played together. Chase and hide and seek and play with toys and paper. Thank you for the way you talked to me. “mmmmmmmmmm” you said. I still hear you Celestine and I am so thankful for that.  I loved cuddling with you at night, as you lay next to my head on the pillow with my arm around you. I love the times you slipped under the covers and lay atop my chest, and there we stayed a bit, as one. I love the way you knew that I thought about all day long while I was away, and how you reached out to me to ask me to pick you up. You put your paws on my calf when I stood or my shoulder if I was sitting next to you. I love the way I held you in my arms, and you licked my nose and my face. I rubbed my face on your face and left my scent claiming you as mine and me as yours. I loved the way you reached out to touch my face, ever so gently with your paw, only softness on my face. I love the way, with two outstretched paws, you held my hand to you, as I sat beside you.  I love you so much…

Thank you dear one for the joy and the laughter and the lessons and the Light you shined inside of me. “I bid thee go free. For I know when the time is right, you will come back to me. All is well. Blessed be. Go into the light, my precious one. And become One with All That is.”

I am always here for you. I will be watching for you, dear one. You have always felt what is in my heart. That will never change. In the words of ee cummings, “ I carry your heart. (I carry it in my heart.)”

I told you then. I tell you now. I will tell you always, “I love you Celestine. God loves you. Thank you.”


Your forever Mom, Deborah




I found my little baby at a grocery store on a cold October night. I called her Midnight when I first found her. She grew very quick and loved to eat. Before you knew it her name changed to Chubchub. She loved lots of different kinds of food…but she only wanted what she wanted. She loved chips, tuna and cheese (all types and horseradish).
She was my shadow all those years, I would come home and she would be waiting at the door. She would hear my car and would sit there till I made it up the stairs. She followed me to bed and to the bathroom to play in the tub with the water.
You could hear her walk around the house, thump thump.
Now that you are gone I still listen for those noises. I catch myself looking for the shadow or looking at the bed to see if you are there. If I drop a piece of cheese while cooking I still say “chubchub cheese”. At night while eating dinner I'm waiting to feel that pat on my arm for hey don’t forget me.
I know though you are at peace. You fought that cancer for almost year, I thought we were going to beat it. I know you were tired and tried so hard. Your little heart just couldn’t do it anymore. I know now you are eating your chips and cheese and playing with mousy. Some day we will meet again. Till then my shadow will be in my heart.

Mary Jo


Derek Sieracki

January 19, 2004 - May 7, 2017

Derek was special. He was more than a pet, he was a family member. Derek was always there for me through all the good and hard times. When I would come home from school, I would hear him jumping off my bed and run to greet me at the door. He will always be in our hearts.

Love you always Derek,




APRIL 24, 2006 - APRIL 28, 2017




Abby Perry

June 6, 2001 - April 13, 2017

I had Abby for an amazing 16 years. She was such a tough girl. She was set in her ways and if she didn't want to do something she would let you know. She was the big sister of 3 yorkies. She loved the snow so much she would bury her head in the snow. I have so many funny pictures of her all snow covered. We all miss her terribly and it just isn't the same without her here. I am so glad to have her ashes in a gorgeous urn. It gives me great peace.

Karen Perry


Shadow and Calvin Ingraham

2001 - 2017

16 years ago 2 cats entered my life. Shadow, my tuxedo cat, was a rescue kitten.....starving, confused, lonely....I had recently lost my precious cat Sparky of 10 years and was so heartbroken and never wanted another cat....but in came Shadow....I took her home and did my best to put weight on her...she was a nutter from the start....always jumping up on anything high and scattering all....but so smart and affectionate I forgave her every transgression. The day I brought her to the vet for shots there was a small grey cat in a cage in the waiting room....who looked exactly like my departed cat Sparky! I went through the whole appointment kind of freaking out that this cat in the waiting room so resembled my Sparky that it hurt bad to look at him. But I had to bring him home...Calvin was standoffish in the beginning but in time he became my dear sweet boysie and in spite of his love of nipping his buddy Shadow's ears all the time they loved one another like sister and brother for 16 years...driving me a bit nuts with their wild sides right up to their last days....Calvin was a love who loved all folks, just like Shadow...I will never stop missing these two....one day I will be with them again in what I feel is heaven...until then my loves....

Wendy Ingraham



Henry Augusto

June 2, 2007 - March 14, 2017

I lost my best friend this morning. We had almost ten happy and healthy years together and I'm going to miss him. I'll see you at the rainbow bridge Henry. I love you. 

Geoffrey Augusto


Tigger Haines

August 3, 2000 - February 17, 2017


Thank you for an amazing 16 & 1/2 years. You are my best friend forever!

Kristen Haines




In Memory of Willy

 Aka wee wee , Willard, Willy Wonka

 April 21, 2006 - February 6, 2017


Recently, we lost our cat, Willy. He was almost 11 years old, and he was showing all the signs of slowing down and respecting his own need to remain indoors with us, rather than to venture outside every chance he would get. We noticed the process he was going through, and made it our daily mission to show him how much we loved and valued him as part of our family. Willy was the most gracious and patient pet we have shared our home with. He would wait for the three other cats to finish eating and drinking before he would settle in front of the food bowl. He would spend almost every night in my son's room, on his chest. Willy was a crucial part of our comfortable home. When we came home to find he had passed while we left for the day, we were shocked and so full of sorrow. That morning, Willy had exhibited more energy and more love than he had since he was a kitten. We thought he was cashing in on perhaps #8 of his 9 lives. Willy did this knowingly. He was willingly giving us back the love we gave him. The memory of that morning will stay with us forever.

 Frankie, Eleni, and Jessica Raquel



Reba Auvil

August 5, 2010 - January 29, 2017


Reba you were our best girl. You were a gentle giant and I always knew you loved us so much. We love and miss you so much! Oliver your kitty also misses you. He looks for you and I can tell he is lost without you. I listen for your toenails clicking down the hall with a shuffle, like a woman wearing slippers roaming around the house. I also miss your breathing, it was comforting and relaxing to hear you breathe. You were with us only 4 years and 8 months, but in that short time we grew to love you like no other animal.  The house is so quiet, that is what I notice the most about missing your presence. Noah, Oliver and Sandee miss and love you, Reba we will never forget you, Thank you for being in our lives.


Rainbow Sage Adams

 June 30, 2004 – February 17, 2017

 Rainbow embodied joy and love. Every moment of her life was filled with joy and happiness that she showered on my existence, flooding my life with blessings. When I was sad, she would bring her little soft indoor frisbee to me and stand at my knee silently, waiting, looking at me with her warm brown eyes until I responded to throw it for her. And then again. And again. Until the dark of my despair was driven away by the sunlight of Rainbow’s beautiful soul. One of my best recent memories with her is from just after we moved here last summer, when she and I walked up a hill into the woods and sat down together, side by side. She set one front paw on my thigh and exchanged a look of mutual astonishment with me as the rich, fertile aromas of the woods here enveloped us like a mist. It was magic, and she felt it too. And before that memory are all the others I treasure, of the two of us and Jack, the older male border collie I had then as well, at our ranch in the West – the two of them racing down the dirt lane ahead of me on our walks, lifting their noses to scent animals on the wind, then tearing back to me when I whistled, their mouths grinning and tongues lolling out. Rainbow sleeping back to back with me, wriggling her head to rub against the back of my head; Rainbow waking me if I had a migraine aura at night so I could take medicine; Rainbow at my heels always, on our walks and in my life. I keep looking for her next to me, at my knee, by my bed. But she is not there now. Yet, in some way, she is and always will be. I love you forever, Rainbow, my very best friend. Thank you for being part of my life. I miss you with all my heart.


Dawn Adams


Gio (DiRosa) Monday

March 23, 2005 - February 6, 2017

Gio's unconditional love made a sad day brighter, made a hurtful day healed, made a day of pure love last a bit longer everyday. He filled a void in my heart when he arrived, however, took a little piece of it with him when he left. We both share each other's missing pieces and somehow stay adjoined as a whole heart forever.

Debra Monday