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Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were besides you. I loved you so. 'Twas Heaven here with you.
Isla Paschal Richardson


Death is the passing of life. And life is the stringing together of so many little passings.


The best of freinds must part.


Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.


Each of us is given a pocketful of time to spend however we may. We use what we will. We waste what we will. But we can never get back a day.
Roger Wilcox


The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief. But the pain of grief is only a shadow when compared with the pain of never risking love.
Hilary Stanton Zunin


Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.
John Galsworthy


Bessie Lee
When the one you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasurer to cherish forever.
Author Unknown


Buddy Eastman
For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains.


You are a treasured forever in our memory


You still live on in the hearts of the loving family you left behind.


Sally Girl Mitnik
I would walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.


Sammy Romano
He will be our friend for always and always and always.


Hershey McDowall
Some animals come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay for a while and touch our hearts so deeply that we are never the same.



I cannot thank you enough for the cremation of our beloved Jake recently. We lost him so suddenly it was a traumatic event and totally unexpected but getting him back today in the beautiful box and his little paw print that was such a comforting surprise it Is nice to have him home again and brought a peaceful feeling for my daughter and I,and I truly want to thank you for this because this past week has been so hard.

KG, February 2017 (Greenfield, MA)




You all made a difficult time bearable.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

D&J, December 2017 (E. Longmeadow, MA)



We just want to take a moment of your time to thank you for all so very much for the love and care you gave us in our time of need with Tiny Boyce.   Our family greatly appreciates it.  You will always be in our heart and soul.

MB&K, November 2017 (Brattleboro, VT)


Thank you for the kindness and respect you gave to the remains of my beloved companion. The beautiful box with rose will stay with me until the time that her ashes are mixed with mine.  It soothes my soul that you have given such care to one who gave me so very much.  

DS, July 2017 (Brattleboro,VT)


I received my precious Lester back and wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for making such a horrible memory and tragic loss easier to accept.  I read your poems and prayers as often as I can to keep trying to find some level of acceptance and it helps.  Your beautiful heaven-like environment and gentle, respectful means for finalyzing the inevitable really helped me to breath.

P&N, (July, 2017) S. Hadley, M



Our cat was euthanized at the Springfield Animal Hospital.  We received in the mail your information and all you sent with it.  I wanted to say that I thought everything you sent was dignified and honorable and I am glad our cat's ashes are with you.   Thank you for doing this.
WHH, June 2017 (S. Woodstock, VT)


A special thanks to all of you for the poems and blessings you sent when I lost my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Ike".  Your attention to detail and overwhelming sympathy messages were very special in a difficult time.   The box is beautiful and it and "Ike" will always be with me. 

CK, April 2017 (Belchertown, MA)


Thank you for the wonderful care regarding my beloved dog "Bouzzie" as well as all past pets we have brought to you at such difficult times.  You have eased our pain and suffering and I am extremely grateful White Rose is so accessible to me. I extend my gratitude and the wonderful services you provide.

CSL, March 2017 (Brattleboro, VT)


We appreciate the service you offer, but mostly the manner in which you perform it.  The thoughtfulness and kindness you have is so amazing.  You have now cremated three ofour precious bunnies.  We love our bunnies and take great care of them, so thank you for doing that also. 

NJ&J January, 2017, (Keene, NH)




Thank you for providing a wonderful service to this area.  From the first phone call we were impressed by your compassion and understanding.  Your viewing room provided us a private atmosphere for sharing our last moments and goodbyes.

K&J, Decemer 2016, (Swanzey, NH) 


During such a sad time for us, you guided us through the process of bringing her back home with such compassion.  We can not express how much it meant for us that you treated our girl with dignity and respect.  We will be forever grateful.

T&V, October 2016 (Ascutney, VT)


I had never had a pet cremated before, but I knew it was the right choice this time and I am so grateful that your services were available.  When I got my beautiful package back I sat down and went through every single item with as much care as I know you had putting it together.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such wonderful care of my sweet boy

SH, September 2016  (Northfield, MA)


We would like to thank you again for your exceptional care of our beautiful black labrador "Bubby" and also for the many wonderful "special touches" you provided to us.   You are truly special people.

B&B, August 2016 (Hatfield, MA)


Thank you so much for all that you do, the kind caring treatment that you give us when we are mourning.  The personalized stone and poetry writings are so beautifully done. to ease the pain.

A, July 2016  (Monson, MA)


Bless you for all you do for grieving pet owners.....and for me.  The beautiful carbed wood box, the book with poems, were so welcome, soothing and inspiring. 

David, June 2016 (Charlemont, MA)


Thank you for all the compassion and care you took with our beautiful Golden Retriever Chief.  We had him for 14.5 years and your special handling of him made our sadness a little easier to bear.

K&H, May 2016, (W. Springfield, MA)


We want to express our gratitude for the beautiful experience you helped turn our loss into.  The respect and genuine care you expressed throughout the process helped to make the experience something special.

K&R, March 2016  (Northampton, MA)


All the cards and words in the world could never thank you enough for everything that you and White Rose did when we unexpectedly lost our dear Chloe.  The thoughtfulness and respect that you provided both during the process and when we took our precious girl home is unwavering.  While still on this journey of faith and grief, know that we are forever grateful for your support. 

E&R,  April, 2016  (Newfane, VT)


Thank you so much for the kindness and generosity shown when we came with our beloved "Baby".  The services you provide are invaluable.  It's too bad there isn't a "White Rose" in every part of the country!  You are definately worth the trip.

K.  February, 2016 (Cromwall, CT)


It is very comforting to know that you aqnd your staff are there to offer such a wonderful service.  It is always hard to lose a pet but you make it a little easier by letting us talk about them at the lovely service and chapel you have.  We are truly lucky to have you here in our town.  Thank you so much for what you do and to make us feel at ease.

H.  January  2016   (Brattleboro, VT)




From our first contact with you, we knew we would be brining our beloved Charlie to a special, very special place to transition to Heaven.  I haven't been able to write until now because I knew reliving those hours prior to, during our visit, and after would not be easy.  I want to thank you both for the wonderful service you have developed to help hurting hearts say goodbye to their beloved pets.  Your love, compassion, respect and devotion are so appreciated. 

M.  December 2015,  (Holyoke, MA)


 Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are a blessing from God for what you do and how nicely you do it.  Keep on doing what you are doing.  You bring a lot of comfort to the people who lose their precious pets.

N., November 2015   (Amherst, MA)


You have been such a blessing.    The beautiful personalized bag of items.  All I can say is "wow".  so respectful, so dignified, so special.  I now finally feel some peace and in large part it's thanks to White Rose.

K.  October 2015   (Connecticut)


You have taken care of three of my cats in 3 years and it has helped me so much to have such caring people take care of them at the end of their precious lives.  

N. September 2015  (Townshend, VT)



We cannot express enough how helpful you both were to us in our time of need.  It was very comforting to see our Father's hand even in our time of loss.  We thank Him and the both of you for that.

R&S.  August 2015 (Monson, MA)



Thank you for including hitney in your angel photo album.  Whitney loved her monkey friend.  I appreciate your services.

J.  (July 2015) Vermont


Thank you for the utmost reverence showed when I brought by beloved Cujo to your facility.  The memorial gift bag is great.  I can now be assured he will be with me in eternity when his cremains are placed in my casket when I pass on.

B. May 2015 (Easthampton, MA)



Thank you for scattering my pet's ashes among many other animals in your lovely memorial ledges.  Thank you for caring.

L., April 2015, (Easthampton, MA)


I wanted to thank you for the lovely send off you gave our kitty Abby.  I am grateful for the dignity and kindness that you gave her.  The inserts with poems and prayers is wonderful.  I will copy them for comfort to other friends.  Enclosed is a picture of the grand lady in her heyday.  

J., March 2015 (West Springfield, MA)


Coming to White Rose was the most honorable deed we could do to honor our sweet loving Dot.  You both made us feel so at ease.  You also made Dot as special as she was.  Thank you.

C&M, February 2015 (Brattleboro, Vermont)


Thank you so very much for treating my Tippy with the utmost respect. You have made my grieving process easier to handle. You and your company are a God send for us who love our fur babies. There will be a special place for you in heaven. From the bottom of my heart you have my deepest gratitude.

P. January 2015




I can not tell you how much your card meant to me. The picture of where my cat, Casey, is laid to rest in the ledges near the gazebo gave me great comfort. I also treasure the poems/verses, I wasnt expecting any type of message back. Again, Thank you. 

P. December 2014 (Easthampton, MA)


After our cat Buddy died, we had no idea that he was going to such a nice place. Thank you very much for the pictures and the card. It was an unexpected but welcome comfort.

S&R. November 2014 (Hawley, MA)


This comes to let you know just how much we apprecitate your kindness and your special thoughtfulness.

T&J. October 2014 (Greenfield, MA)


I don't know how to put it in words all you did for me and my family.  Your kind and supportive words made our loss of Bubbles bearable.  The memory bag that you sent home to us is so special.  I aill be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness, knowing that you cared made a very difficult time easier.

S.  July 2014 (Hadley, MA)


Thank you so much for your kindness.  Your place is beautiful and it was good to walk around after we brought our Sophie to yu.  I am looking at the rose you gave us right now.  It is perfect.   Thank you so much.

J.  June, 2014  (Keene, NH)


Words cannot even express our deep gratitude and thanks for the respect, care and sensitivity you demonstrated over our beloved Brady.  Your actions speak volumes for your character and professionalism.  The tangible momentos will be cherished and help deep within our hearts.

S, C, J & J, May 2014  (Shelburne Falls, MA)


Thank you so much for being there for us. Your love and kindness towards human beings and their beloved pets makes such a sad situation so much more bearable. There are just not enough words to tell you both how grateful we all are for the truly sincere and loving way that you have in helping people with this kind of sadness and grief. Wishing you so much love and many blessings from God for taking care of his creatures both human and animal.

G, K & K, April 2014 (Terryville, CT)


I am deeply grateful for your kindness, sensitivity and compassion in helping me with the arrangements for my beloved cat Emily. It was a great comfort to know she was handled with such gentle care and respect. Thank you for the white rose which was a true representation of how lovely Emily was.    

M, March 2014 (Amherst, MA)


My dog was taken much too soon by lymphoma, but receiving her back was very comforting. The presentation was so nice. The brown bag with the whtie rose and heart and the card was impressive. The carved wooden box and white rose with her ashes sits on my dresser. It is a beautiful memory. I also appreciated the "Gifts of Love" booklet and other various poems you sent. I have read them several times to work through my grief. Thank you WHite Rose.


Donna, February 2014 (Easthampton, MA)

I wanted to tell you that my broken heart is more full and a bit more healed after I went to pick up my beloved Sadie today and brought her home. When I saw the utmost love and care that was evident in the way you gave her back to me, I was overjoyed and emotional. Loving gestures do heal the heart and during a time when not everyone understands just how much loss we feel, there you are fulling a need and doing so wonderfully. We can't thank you enough.

D, January 2014 (Enfield, CT)




I am writing to say thank you for the care and time that was obviously put into packaging of our dog's Reese's remains. He was a cherished member of our family for 11 years and his loss has been devastating and leaves a void that can never be filled. Knowing that he was treated with dignity and respect at the very end has been a huge comfort to us. I always called him my angel dog. Now he really is.

Leah, December 2013 (Northfield, MA)

I was so moved and comforted by the lovely box, the tender wrapping of his ashes, the lovely white rose and heart, all of it just went right to my heart and I thought to myself, "You really understand!" Thank you again for the work you do.

Susanne, October 2013 (Shutesbury, MA)

Thank you very much for your kindness and attitude regarding my beloved Stella. I will recommend White Rose to my friends in need.

Diana, September 2013 (Montague, MA)

God Bless our friends at White Rose. We thank you for your compassion and sympathy and for treating our Teddy Bear with the dignity and respect that he and all animals deserve. We appreciate your retrieving our black lab and making his final disposition as comfortable and compassionate as possibel.

RoseMarie, August 2013 (Springfield, Mass)

The respect and care shown to Griffin is so appreciated.

Maggie, July 2013 (Vermont)

We never expected such a beauiful, caring and loving package. When we finally mustered the strength to open the bag and go through the materials, we were absolutely amazed at the love that went into it. Your story about Moca Chip and the reason you started the business are inspirational, and we truly felt that our Cosmo meant as much to you as Moca Chip did. Thank you for making this painful time easier and thank you for what you do for the serous pet lovers in the area.

Bonnie, June 2013 (Northampton, MA)

I just want to tell you how pleasantly shocked i was when I picked up the cremated remains of my little dog Lady. I expected her to be in some kind of generic container and I was thinking that I would probably have to purchase something decent to put her in. When the receptionist at the vet's office handed me the bag I thought how pretty it was. Then I opened it in the car in the parking lot and was amazed by the beautiful wooden box and the rose that is attached to it. I also appreciate all of the literature that was enclosed. I really feel that you treated her respectfully and with the fmily in mind and for that I sincerely thank you.

Kathy, May 2013 (Mass.)

I trusted my vet's assurance that you would take cae of Nicholai's cremation with dignity (so many hrror stories I have heard about pet's remains being ground up for whatever reason...), and my trust was not misplaced, as I can see from your kind words, note with poems and pictures of your memorial ledges. He was the sweetest cat, so loving and lovable. Thank you very much for making this your work.

Sara, April 2013 (Alstead, NH)

I feel so fortunate to have met you. Your kindness, understanding and respect helped me so much during this difficult time. The literature you gave me has continued to bring comfort and support. Thank you for all you are doing to help those of us who are grieving. Thank you too for helping make Jasper's final transition so dignified, respectful and peaceful.

Lesley, March 2013 (Brattleboro, VT)

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did with my sweet boy Patches. I have never lost a pet before and the way I received him back from your care was beyond what I had expected. This has been such a hard time for me and with all the information you have provided I feel that Patches memory will always be with me. I can't thank you enough for the service you have provided and the kind and caring manner in which you provide it.

Kim, February 2013 (Marlborough, NH)

Dear Wonderful People at White Rose,
We are so grateful for your kind, compassionate care of our dear Miami after she passed aay. We were so comforted by your card, poems, and 'forget-me-not" seeds. We are so comforted and happy to know that she was treated with such care. We miss her terribly but are happy to know she is no longer in pain or suffering. Thank you for your gentle care of our sweet girlk our best buddy, "Miami".

D&C, January 2013 (Bernardston, MA)


Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service. The "gift bag" is so meaningful and helpful.

Linda, December 2012 (Easthampton, MA)

Though we have never met, we thank you so very much for the dignity and respect you showed for our sweet dog Kato. We were deeply touched when we received Kato's cremains, so lovingly placed in a beautiful wooden box and for all of the kind words you included with him. We were blessed to have Kato in our lives for over 14 years and your service honored that special relationship.

Jennifer, November 2012 (Wardsboro, VT)

I want to thank you for the very special things you did for Beau. Her tail feathers went with me on our annual walk to Maine with our other dogs. I have received a few signs from her already and feel her presence so much. Thank you for being there for all of us and helping us through it.

Sue, October 2012 (Guilford, VT)

Once again you both were there for me. Thank you so very much. Everything was lovely when I received Chloe's remains and it is all so much appreciated.

Betsy, September 2012 (Mass)

Thank you very much for the time you allowed me on your beautiful site to honor my little ones who have gone forward. I left there with a warm feeling that I touched both Littlebit and Motley with the strings of the harp and the pipes..Thank you again for how you honor them!

Jerry, August 2012 (Westhampton, MA)

I would like to thank you for assisting us in bringing peaceful and respectful closure to us. The service Steve gave was affectionate and professional. We are very pleased in our decision to bring our beloved Montana to White Rose. Her memory will always live on in our hearts. We are happy her ashes will forever grace the ledges of your memorial garden.

Abigail & James, July 2012 (Brattleboro, VT)

Thank you for being so kind and supportive when I called on Memorial Day Holiday. I was so distraught and my heart just ached over losing Mandy and Ozzie. Your understanding words were so gentle. I was warmed by the bags I received, the roses, boxs, ribons, tissue paper and the grief booklet. You are special for sure.

Lori, June 2012, (Keene, NH)

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my husband and me during this very difficult time. You set our minds to ease after meeting you and visiting your facility. We are so grateful that her cremation was handled professionally and with compassion. We appreciate your willingness to listen to our "tails" about our dear Maggie.

Kathy, May 2012 (S. Hadley, MA)

My precious "Star" was cremated at your services. Enclosed is a photo of him for your memorial photo album. He is dressed in his coat and wrapped up in my down comforter on my chaise lounge on a cold winter day. He was a Main Coon cat and very fluffy. I entered his photo in two contests bu he did not win anything. But he will always be "my prize and my angel". Thank you for everything.

Patricia, April 2012 (Belchertown, MA)

Thank you so much for the kind, compassionate care that you gave to my "Herman". He was a wonderful little cat and a dear pet. I miss him but could not see him suffer as the days went by. You made his passing so much easier for me.

Lorraine, March 2012 (Brattleboro, VT)

I appreciate the sympathy note and card shwoing all of New England's four magnificent scenes where Whisker's cremains have been scattered, the meaningful poems, quotes and the article "The Journey". Saying goodbye was not easy for me after having him for 17.5 years!

Mary, February 2012 (Florence, MA)

God-Bless you. I certainly could not do what you do, but you need to know how special you really area. I know you hear this all the time, but not a day goes by that I don't hink of Tucker. I don't envy anyone that has to make the decision to have a pet (more like a family member but only better) but down, but knowing that he was in such good hands with you helps. Thank you again and for all the prayers.

Cheri, January 2012 (South Deerfield, MA)


We want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for taking care of our "Maximus" in giving him a beautiful place to rest in your memorial ledges. He was our most beloved pet and it has been very hard not having him around playing with his favorite toy "Kong".

Thank you.

J&M, December 2011 (Ludlow, MA)

Thank you so much for all the very special attention you gave to me and Leo. The experience at White Rose was overwhelming to me. My expectations are often met with disappointment, but that was not at all with White Rose. Your details were so comforting to me. Thank You very very much.

Mary Jane, November 2011 (Easthampton, MA)

Sadly, on Aug. 31st, we had to release our sweet girl to the angels, freeing her from pain. It is always a heartbreaking decision, though often times the correct one for our furry family members. It's a difficult, emotional journey letting them go. Though we were staying in our Spofford cottage when her health began to fail, our desire was to get her back to our home in Florida in a few weeks. Sadly, it was not meant to be. When we were told by the vets in Deerfield that they contacted you we had no idea what a blessing that would turn out to be. The feelings of anxiety and sadness at the thought of picking up our Ginger "dust" from you quickly disappeared as soon as we arrived on your property at the top of the mountain. The gorgeous pines, lovely gardens with animal statutes, "greeting" animals, beautiful flowers, a view of the gazebo from the chapel with sunbeams streaming through the trees was very peaceful, a feeling that this was, indeed, heaven for our beloved pets. You have created a loving environment to say our farewells to our family members in. We felt, as we were leaving with our sweet Ginger, that this was a beautiful ending to a beautiful life, which gave us tremendous comfort. Driving out your gate we had tears of joy. It was a moving, spiritual moment, in which, I am sure I heard the angels singing.

Ginger's family, October 2011 (Maitland, Fl)

Not everyone understands what it means to be attached to a small animal (rat), even people who have more typical pets. Just because they don't live for a long time doesn't mean it hurts any less to lose them. I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for your help with Auggie. I feel like you took care of him and for that I thank you.

Dave, September 2011 (Goshen, MA)

Thank you for your time and effort in providing a tribute page for those who have lost their beloved pets. As with others who have posted, Emma was not just our dog. She was a member of our family and her loss is profound. It was very helpful to be able to write a tribute to her, and comforting to know we are not alone in our sense of sorrow. Finally, I absolutely trust she was treated with dignity and respect while in your care which has been a great source of comfort as well. Elizabeth, August 2011

Thank you for your considerate care of Noel's remains and the beautiful box, roses, prayers and poetry that accompanied her ashes. When I was handed the lovely green bag at the Westminster Animal Hospital , my heart was lifted by the beautify of this "gift". We are fortunate to have White Rose in our area. Your care and love for animals is greatly appreciated.

Cynthia, July 2011 (Westmoreland, NH)

I came back to find Virginia's ashes in a beautiful wooden box along with your caring package of poems. I was so touched by your thoughtfulness and by the loving tribute to our sweet old Virginia. Thank you for all that you do for everyone at this sad time.

Ann & David, June 2011 (Northampton, MA)

Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. We know you treated our beloved "daughter" with the dignity and respect she so richly deserved. The staff at VESH in South Deerfield, MA assured us of your wonderful reputation which made one of the most painful times in our lives more comforting for us. Katie has always and will always mean the world to us. We thank God for people like you who helped us cope with the loss of a loved one.

Carol & Bob, May 2011 (Westfield, MA)

Words cannot express the comfort you have given us. Our "Little Girl" is home where she belongs. It gives us such joy to know she is here when we walk through the door. The card, the pawprints and the clipping of fur was way more than we expected. We have a special shelf in our living room dedicated to our "Little Girl." You have helped us find peace.

Bernadette, April 2011 (Brattleboro, VT)

I want to thank you for your most special gifts that you have for making a hard time of losing your pet into a lovely memorial. My animal hospital is Westminster Animal Hospital in Westminster, VT and my cat (best friend) passed away on Feb. 27th. His name was Hercules and he was 19 years old. I decided quite awhile before that I wanted to keep his ashes. My daughter-in-law picked up the ashes, as I could not go, and to my amazement I asked her what she had the bag for.... " she stated it was Hercules's ashes".... I could not believe it. He was so beautifully remembered.... the roses are beautiful, the box, just all of it. I can't thank you enough, and you will always be remembered for your compassion. May God Bless You!

Linda, Herky's Mom, March 2011 (Bellows Falls, VT)

I am writing to let you know how gateful we are that we entrusted in you for our Emma's cremation. It is very difficult to lose a pet. Thank you so much for getting her remains done so quickly as she passed on Feb. 5, 2011. The papers you sent with her are very touching. She will be placed on our hutch and now feel she is with us. Again, thank you so much.

Michael & Celeste, February 2011 (Florence, MA)

On August 4th 2010, I came to White Rose with a very special little friend I had the joy of living with for 16 years, My beloved kitty "Little Bit". It was a very difficult to bring her there that day. But when i arrived at White Rose there was a sense of peace and calmness. I was treated with kindness and understanding in the grief I held that day and still do. The facility and the way my little love was handled and presented made me feel that she got she deserved for such a life of giving love. The service and just the way the whole time went was so special and will remain as a very fond memory for me during a very difficult loss. I still cry, I am still sad.. I will miss her until we meet again. "Little Bit my little love.. I cried a tear into the sea..the day you find it is the day I stop missing you..I love you little bit forever and always!"

Steve and Marilyn thank you for what you do and for your understanding. Thank you for the professionalisim and caring for my special friend at White Rose.

Jerry Marchand, January 2011 (Westhampton, MA)

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your help and assistance in handling our beloved Dexter upon his passing. Dexter was a part of our family and an important part of our life. The professionalism and dignity in which you handled this difficult situation was both impressive and comforting. Both of you simply made things better for us as we mourned the loss of Dexter after over 15 years of him bringing us joy and companionship. His death was sudden and happened during the holidays but from our first call with Steve, White Rose accomodated our needs and was there for us and handled Dexters cremation with the dignity that he deserved on very short notice. Giving us the ability to spend our last moments with him at the beautiful altar and remember all of the joy and happiness that he brought our entire family was very special and we will never forget those final moments with Dexter that White Rose made possible. After our final time with Dexter at White Rose we almost felt like we had been to a therapy session based on the wisdom and guidance that were provided to us by both Marilyn and Steve and the literature and items that we were given to take home were both truly special and continued to help us with our grieving process. White Rose is providing grieving pet owners with an experience that helps bring closure during a very difficult time. We are forever greatful for all that you do. White Rose is a VERY SPECIAL place !!!

John & Jamie, January 2011 (West Suffield, CT)


Thank you for caring for the remains of our Molly. Your caring kindness and efficiency was greatly appreciated during this difficult time for me. The stone with her name on it, the roses, the poems and the booklet were all very helpful.

Susan, Northampton, MA (December 2010)

Just wanted to write a quick thank you for everything you have done for my step-mom and I, and also for Shrek. We know she is in better hands with her Father up above. I am sue them two are having fun watching over us. I also wanted to thank you for the bag full of gifts and how great everything in it was. My step-mom and I both liked the parting prayer that was inclulded. This is the first time I have ever had an animal of mine cremated and I would have to suggeset it to anyone that has lost an animal. Shrek was known for head butting people, and she would hit you pretty hard. She was a very special cat and will always be loved. I have her on a shelf in my room that looks over the entire room. It is up high, just the way she would want it.

Dennis, Brattleboro, VT (November 2010)

I wanted to email you and let you know how pleased I was with they way I received my beloved Bugzy back. I did lose him at an early age and very unexpectedly, so it was with a very heavy heart that I made the decision for cremation. It was very touching when I saw the outer packaging and more impressed with the inside. The literature (though I thought I was over the worst of my mourning), made my eyes water as I thought of my boy. It was very tastefully done and it was comforting to know he had received respect and compassion in the last act as I gave him into your care. Are you still doing the scrapbook for the souls you have taken care of? If so, I would like to include Bugzy.Thank you again for the care you took and it did go a long way to helping me and the rest of my four legged companions to cope with the loss of Bugzy.

Jaime, Charlestown, NH (October, 2010)

It has taken me almost a month to write this note, though I have wanted to express my appreciation to you for most of that time. Your kindness and care have made a painful time easier. Our beagle "Shadow" was a special companion for 16 years - nearly a quarter of our lives and though we have loved and lost six others over 35 years, he had no equal. We miss him terribly. Thank you for your kind and respectful handling of his body and for the services you provided us in this moment of pain.

Lee, Holyoke, MA (September 2010)

I lost my beloved cat Peaches of seventeen years on July 2, 2010. It was a sudden death, fortunate for her but very difficult for us. When my sister's cat was euthanized by another veterinarian (NOT Beren's Animal Hospital), she agreed to have him cremated. When she picked up the ashes, she was handed a plastic bag with a very large TIN box inside. When she got home, she looked at the label on the bottom of the tin and discovered that she had been given the ashes of someone's dog!! When she called the vet, the person on the phone actually giggled and said, "Oops!" It took quite a while for my sister to finally receive her cat's ashes.

With this incident in mind, I went to Berens Animal Hospital to pick up my cat's ashes. I was absolutely stunned when I was handed such a beautiful bag with such a realistic white rose. I was brought to tears by the caring, kind, considerate, and loving way in which my cat's remains were handled. What a wondertful tribute to her and to you. The hand-carved box with the white rose in which the ashes reside is absolutely beautiful. I can't thank you enough for your very thoughtful and loving service. I found all of the literature on coping and grief to be so helpful. You truly understand that our pets are part of our family. Thank you once again for your wonderful service.

Jeanne, Westhampton, MA (August 2010)

I want to thank you so very much for being there in my time of need. My "Honey" meant the world to me, and I am so glad I made the decision to use White Rose. I'm very glad I brought her up personally to you and also picked up the ashes within two days. There is much comfort knowing I can keep my little girl, Honey in my home. Marilyn, your kindness, compassion, understanding was so welcomed and helped me cope. The literature you enclosed has been read several times. Honey's paw print that was made is very special too. Everyone who uses White Rose and meets you are so fortunate to have you in their life while they are going through such a difficult time when their cherished pet dies. Thank you again, Marilyn and Steve. Pet parents are so blessed to deal with White Rose and two caring individuals such as yourselves in their time of sorrow. God Bless you both.

Sandy, South Hadley, MA (July 2010)

Your warm and caring ways certainly are comforting to me. Your lovely book Gifts of Love is so very special in starting a natural grieving process and gives one courage to continue to accept our sorrow. Outstanding! All the lovely reading material you included means so much. Your 'quality aftercare' for our beloved and cherished pets...is beyond extraordinary.

God Bless you.

Carol, Harrisville, NH (June 2010)

Just a little note to extend a special thank you for taking care of Sara in such a kind and caring manner. Our hearts were broken but you helped keep the pieces together during our overwhelming grief. Your reading material is greatly appreciated and needed. Marilyn, your "Gifts of Love" booklet is a blessing to read. "Thank you for it." All the readings you included bring tears but warms the heart. Thank you for all the caring your memorial showed "Sara" and other pets that have found White Rose as their final kindness.

Tom & Lenore, Dummerston, VT (May 2010)

Just wanted to tell you how touched I was after going through the bag you provided with Chance's remains. What a classy operation! I read every piece of paper in there. Your book was beautiful. I was a wonderful afternoon filled with tears and memories. Thank you for making this difficult time so easy to get through.

Tonia, Warwick, MA (April 2010)

I picked up my cat Bailey's ashes from the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in South Deerfield, MA. Bailey was almost 15 and had been diagnosed with diabetes last year. Last Sunday I knew that it was time to let her go. When I picked up her ashes I was so impressed with the way you had taken care of her. From the rose to the carved box and also the pet loss literature included. When I said good-bye I told her she would be with her best bud "Nick" (our beloved golden retriever) who died seven years ago. I so wished that when we had Nick cremated he could have had the same care. Unfortunately, our vet dealt with someone else and he was returned to us in a tin can in a brown lunch bag! Please know that what you do and the way you do it is terrific. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alice & Bailey, Hadley, MA (March 2010)

The last gift that we could give our sweet "Honey" was euthanasia. Thank you for honoring her and treating her with so much respect. It is clear from how her remains were returned to us that this is not just a business venture for you, that it is a calling. Thank you for the beautiful carved box with the lovely rose on top of it, the beautiful silk rose in the vase, the lovely floating flower cancle, the care that went into packaging everything and the supportive soothing and helpful literature. I am glad that the Emergency Veterinary Specialty Hospital chose your company to do its aftercare services. Thank you for all of the attention and compassion that you put into everything.

Kathy & Steve, Enfield, CT (February 2010)

Just wanted to write you a short "thank you" for everything you did for "Pongo". He meant so much to all of us..."Nelson" included. I especially enjoyed talking with you both; it really helped us deal with what we were dealth. Thanks for letting Nelson visit too.

Paul, Chicopee, MA (January 2010)


Thank you so much for the kindness and respect you gave our "Vinny". We will always cherish the special goodbye we were able to give him.

Brandi, Swanzey, NH (December 2009)

Thank you so much for your kindness and infinite understanding in our time of grief and loss.

Peg, Amherst, MA (November 2009)

We want to thank you for the compassionate way you handled our Sampson's remains. Your presentation and the literature comforted us at a very difficult time.

Peter & Myra, Longmeadow, MA (October 2009)

Thank you so much for providing a compassionate and understanding approach in the loss of my sweet Springer Spaniel "Madison". Your booklet hits home and validates all of us who truly love our pets. Thank you for all that you do.

Nancy, Alstead, NH (October 2009)

You've made the most difficult time of my life more comfortable. Everyone in this area is blessed to have you available. Your compassion and attention to detail are appreciated more than you'll ever know.

Bob, Putney, VT (September 2009)

Thank you for making the passing of "Junior" a little easier to handle.

Ron, Sunderland, MA (September 2009)

My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for Mattie Girl. There is a lot of comfort knowing we will be able to keep her in our home. She meant so much to us, words cannot express it. I will let others know to go to you when their beloved pet has passed.

Lori, Athens, VT (August 2009)

Thank you. I was not expecting such a lovely tribute to D.O.G. I have told and shown everything to everyone. It was very hard to lose D.O.G. but feel he was treated with love.

Virginia, Sullivan, NH (August 2009)

I would like to thank you both from the soul of my heart for the true kindness you showed to Louie and myself. Your caring ways truly helped me at such a difficult time. You put a new meaning on the words respect and dignity. I am sure your job gets very sad many times and you both help with such class. You helped to make my trip enjoyable in how you met met at my car, to how you explained everything, to your grief booklets.

Becky & Louie, Monson, MA (July 2009)

I just wanted to thank you again for your extra care and attention in dealing with our dogs. It's been a tough year and your efforts made a bad thing a bit more bearable.

Greg, Guilford, VT (July 2009)

Your kind words mean more to us than we could ever express. It was such a relieft knowing that we were leaving Abner with someone who was going to treat him with the respect he deserves.

Patrick & Paul, Brattleboro, VT (June 2009)

Today is the one year anniversary for our beloved Ebbony, our 18 year old black lab -- and we will be picking up our dearest Jezabelle, our 6-1/2 year old black lab this afternoon at White Rose. Losing two wonderful spirits in a year has been extremely difficult, but having found you we have had the opportunity to change a heartbreaking experience into one of respect, closure and peace. Your services allowed us to say goodbye in our own time with the knowledge that both Jesse and Ebby were treated with respect and dignity. Please know how much this has meant to us and you are angels on earth to provide aching hearts some much needed compassion and comfort. Thank you for taking care of our most precious gifts in life and helping so many people find the same.

Colleen & Jim, Millers Falls, MA (June 2009)

When I went to your website today, I found myself reading much of the Pet Loss writings and I must let you know how helpful they are to me, especially Moira Anderson Allen's words about guilt. Broonie was a comfortable-but-slowly-declining 14 year old Airedale, deeply loved by all. Being deaf and slow to move, she suffered an injury when I didn't see her as I backed up in our driveway one day in April. She did her best to recover from a pelvic fracture, then I needed to let her go, and of course have struggled with all of that ever since. I have taken great comfort from the words on your site. Many many thanks for everything.

Arleen, Shutesbury, MA (May 2009)

Thank you so much for taking care of our Tansy. She was so sweet and loving; we will miss her so.

Jan & Bob, Richmond, NH (April 2009)

Recently my cat "Sam" was cremated at your facility. He was my baby and came to me as a stray and lived with me for 16 years. Thank you for the nice box and the rose with his remains, rose candle, certificate and booklets. I was pleased with everything. Thank you very much.

Ruth, Florence, MA (April 2009)

I went to pick up the ashes of my dog "Queenie" yesterday. Although cremated in early January I have felt too sad to get them, and was dreading picking up the little that remains of her in a nondescript, anonymous cardboard box. I was so surprised and gratified to see the beautiful wooden box, the bag with her name on it. the literature on pet grief was just what I needed, and the white rose is a joyful reminder of her. I felt that my relationship with her was honored in a way I haven't experienced before. Thank you so much.

Mary, Florence, MA (March 2009)

This is a very late “Thank You” for your help with my elderly, ill Weimeraner, Ingrid, this past Fall. Your care and presentation of the remains along with the beautiful reading material was most sensitive and thoughtful. Some pets are as difficult to lose as some human family members and Ingrid was one of them. Her ashes have been spread under a Magnolia tree in an area on our home property in North Florida that has become a burial ground for a couple of Cairn Terriers as well three other Weimeraners all of whom were also important family members who lived well into their teens. When in Bernardston, MA if we should need your service again we will be sure to be in touch as well as recommend you to anyone else who should have a similar need.

Whit, Monticello, FL (March 2009)

The rose you gave us the day we brought Autumn in is just barely wilting on the edges. It is still beautiful and sitting in the sun, just like a cat would do. It's been two weeks and one day. I've never had a rose last that long. Than you again.

Linda, Duff, Tanya, Hinsdale, NH (February 2009)

We are so grateful for your services. May life bring you a relfection of the kindness you've shown to others. Thank you to your dedication to our beloved pets. Your compassion and professionalism was so comforting through this difficult time of losing "Toto". Thank you and God Bless You.

Art & Carolyn, Vernon, VT (February 2009)

I am writing because of the incredible respect, honor and dignity you showed to my 'son' Gus, me and my family. Losing Gus was a hard thing. It had basically been him and me for 11 years. When I picked up Gus' remains and saw what a lovely job was done, white roses, candle, beautiful wooden urn, I was touched. A good friend of mine who is a woodworker had offered to build a special case for Gus' remains, but when I got yours it was perfect and exactly what I would have wanted. It was as if you knew Gus and me. Thank you so much.

Heather, Williamsburg, MA (January 2009)

I have lost pets before and downplayed the immense grief I felt out of embarrassment and lack of support. To read some of the prose and poems that were included with my pet's ashes was helpful and gave me "permission" to feel the deep sadness. So thank you for more than just returning her ashes.

Bettina, Springfield, MA (January 2009)

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Kiki. When Pete brought him home I was once again reminded that your thoughtfulness and caring is beyond measure.

Brenda/Pete, Brattleboro (January 2009)

Had I the literary ability, I would pen eloquent words to thank you both for accommodating Bingy and us on that dreary Wednesday. If we ever get a shiver of doubt about what we had to do for Bingy, it is that he would not have had White Rose to help him on his way to the 'far side of Jordan' the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you.


Sue, Phil, Tazzy, Missy, & Puddn' , St. Johnsbury, VT (December 2008)

I can't thank you enough for your kindness, patience and understanding during my time of trauma and sorrow. You provide a very special place where one feels comforted, as well as gratitude when we have to say to say goodbye to our companion. You make it much easier to cope and say goodbye to our pets by being who you are. Thank you.

Sandy, Brattleboro (December 2008)

What a beautiful facility you have to take care of our Missy kitty on her final journey home. We can't thank you enough for your graciousness and caring with our beloved kitty. Enclosed find a picuture for your memory album.

Cynthia, Ray, W. Chesterfield, NH (October 2008)

I am a strong believer in karma. I see how Lucy's life and death were blessed by love. Her karma brought White Rose into her life and mine, as well as into the lives of my two dear friends who were with me when Lucy died. There are people in the world who are angels and I know that you both and the woman who met me on Saturday (Susan Hamilton) are angels in the world. I will never forget your loving kindness. I am so greateful for your presesnce in the world.

Leslie, Queens NY/Brattleboro, VT (October 2008)

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and help to us in saying goodbye to our beloved Buddy. It means so much to know that he was treated with such compassion. The certificate, prayers, and locks of fur have helped so much. God Bless You.

Theresa, Farmington, CT (October 2008)

Words cannot express the devastation of the loss of our beloved dog Bailey. Then there as White Rose. Your service provided us so much more than a final place to rest his body. Your compassion and sympathy brought to us so much more comfort during this difficult time.

Wayne, Amanda, Greenfield, MA (September 2008)

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all that you did for us throughout our very difficult time. The two of you made it a lot easier to get through. We couldn't have asked for two nicer people to bring Nieka down the path to her final resting place.

Tom, Donna, Greenfield, MA (September 2008)

After leaving White Rose I tried to read some of things you included in Thelma's bag. I started with my favorite, "The Rainbow Bridge". Just as I finished reading it, Paul pointed to my right and there as plain as day, not one, but two rainbows. What a breathtaking sight. I will always remember your kindness. Thank you so much, especially for understanding the loss of a pet.

Jyl, Springfield, VT (September 2008)

With "Reba" leaving she has given me the honor of meeting two beautiful people, you and Steve, who know and feel my pain and care deeply for our pets. Thank you for making us feel very special.

Madeline, Leeds, MA (August 2008)

Thank you for your compasion, care and kindness towards us and Hope. We are truly blessed to have your service locally. The loss of a pet is always a difficult time and your care in providing the space and permission to grieve is just amazing. Many many thank yous for everything you do.

Tammy, Sonny, Dummerston, VT (August 2008)

Thank you for being so compassionate and empathetic to us, and especially for being respectful of deceased pets. Meeting you and coming to your facility was the only good thing to come out of Tigger's death. Our cats and dogs are our children and we feel great comfort in knowing that you'll be there for us in the future. Thank you for doing what you do. It truly is your calling.

Bonnie & Shawn, Phillipston, MA (July 2008)

I have to reiterate my appreciation for the care and compassion you afforded my beloved "Molly". She was a pound puppy who lived a very long happy life.

Susan, Longmeadow, MA (July 2008)

Thank you very much for showing my dear "Bandit" the dignity and respect he deserved.

Marianne, Ludlow, MA (July 2008)

We want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job cremating our beloved 13 year old golden retriever, Scout. We were notified by our veterinary clinic that our dog's ashes were ready for pickup. Never having experienced this before, we did not know what to expect. We were shocked at how beautifully we were presented with our dog's remains. The box with her ashes and the accompanying book and materials were perfect and very touching. Thank you once again for making a very difficult time in our lives a bit less painful.

Peter and Amy, Shutesbury, MA (June 2008)

We would like to thank you for your services and comforting council at K-9 Duke's memorial service. God is with us all especially when we are mourning, and your presence in our loves makes that fact easier to remember him.

Deputy Shawn and Susan, Manchaug, MA (June 2008)

A year and a half has gone by since I helped my friend say goodbye to her Abigail. I never got around to saying thank you for such compassion and respect. Abby was my friend too, and we all still miss her. But you folks did make that night and the whole grieving process easier. I was so impressed that you have a beautiful "funeral room" and gave us time to sit with the body of our gone pal. It was so helpful to be given that respect. You folks are unique. Thank you from my heart.

Laura, Brattleboro, VT (June 2008)

Thank you so much. I have sung your priase to anyone who will listen! You are A one in my book and have made this whole experience so much easier to deal with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless you both.

Lora, Westfield, MA (May 2008)

Words cannot be said enough of how nice and beautiful you do for our beloved companion's remains. I love the urn with the 'white rose' on it, the rose with the vase, the grief pamphlets and the pet loss book. I am sending a picture of Snowy, as I would be very honored if you would add her into your White Rose memory photo album. Thank you very much for the love and care you put into your "White Rose" for our companions.

Jean and David, Athol, MA (May 2008)

Thank you for your care and thoughfulness regarding Mohave (Vey). I appreciate the sophistication and regard you show for all aspects of this life passage.

Joanne, Marlboro, Vermont (April 2008)

Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated at this difficult time. Thank you for your compassionate care of Sparky.

Joyce & David, Florence, MA (April 2008)

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the items you gave us in momory of our dear "Sasha". It is wonderful that you provide a lovely place where pets can go to receive a proper goodbye. Thank you for your service in time of emotional need.

Marilyn and Robert, Brattleboro, VT (April 2008)

When grief is too sharp for words to assuage there is consolation in knowing one has placed the body which housed the spirit of a companion in the hands of those who will treat it gently. White Rose has given me that assurance many times, most recently by taking care of Katie Capers. Your love of animals shows in every detail. Beauty penetrates grief, and the attention to color and design evident in the way you return ashes testifies to the attentive care that preceded it. You have turned your own sorrow into consolation for others.

Deerfield , MA (March 2008)

We are so grateful for our experience at White Rose. We have such wonderful memories of our beagle, Maudie. After watching her decline this last month your memorial was exactly the dignified closure we needed.

Vickie & Terry, W. Hatfield, MA (March 2008)

Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding on March 4th. Your chapel-like room was very comforting and I enjoyed your angel photo books. You provided as much or as little any grieving pet parent would want. I liked your choice of poems, prayers and book "Blessing the Bridge" you sent home with us. The beautiful 'white rose' still looks great.

Lynn, Northampton, MA (March 2008)

Recently we had to euthanize our elderly dog Dallas. We asked for cremation. We were treated with such love and dignity at V.E.S.H. in South Deerfield, MA, it was hard to imagine better treatment, and then we picked up Dallas' ashes. We have been so moved by the entire package, from the beautiful box to the printed pet loss material. You have made friends for life. Bless you for caring so much.

Sylvia & Robert, Williamsburg, MA (February 2008)

We are so grateful to the South Deerfield Veterinary Hospital for recommending your facility for Reilly's cremation. Your facility is so beautiful and tranquil. The room where Reilley's ashes were placed waiting for our arrival was unbelievalbe. We just knew upong seeing the box for the first time, that you truly understood how precious Reilley was to us; the beautiful carved box, wrapped with a beautiful ribbon with a white rose carefuly tucked inside. What a tribute to Reilley. He was sent to heave just the way he deserved! Since your mission statement is, "We are commited to treating all pets with dignity and respect they inherently deserve"; once again your mission has been accomplished.

Patti and Stan, Montague, MA (February 2008)

We, once again, would like to express our immense gratitude for making yet another visit a comforting one. Losing three "kids" in less than a year is more difficult than these words could ever express. It takes a special kind of person to care enough to take the time for others and you are both very special people to do whatever it takes to make a difference in such a difficult time in people's lives. Our sincere thanks for your comforting thoughts and prayers and for everything you have done.

Dave, Renee, Blandford, MA (January 2008)

How lovely it is to lift from the shoulders of those for whom we care some of the heartache and burden that at times seems so unbearable. Your gift of presence to us during our loss of Tommy is immeasurable. We are so grateful for all you have given us.

Sharon and John, Boston, MA (January 2008)

I cannot thank you enough for your care of Yule after his death. From the initial phone call throughout our entire experience with White Rose, Gwen and I were so incredibly impressed and grateful. Your facility is so beautiful. We both felt so comforted that Yule was in such good hands. Your gentle kindness and professionalism will never be forgotten. Yule now has a place of honor in the great room.

Judy, White River Junction, Vermont (January 2008)


I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to help me with the passing of my Deecha. She was such an integral part of my life and it was so important for me to be able to get the closure that I did. You helped me to do that and I cannot thank you enough for being able to provide that. Thanks again with your note in the bag, words, and love that went into helping with my loss of Deecha. It was actually beautiful and I drove away feeling some sense that things were going to be ok. I am so happy Heather told me about you and that you were a part of Deecha's passing. You are angels!!

Alison & James, Grantham, New Hampshire (December 2007)

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