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New Pet Loss Booklet Released - Gifts of Love:Inspiring Words to Cope With Pet Loss Grief (2009)

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Marilyn George, author and publisher, recently published a 32-page booklet designed to help people cope with the loss of a beloved pet. Gifts of Love: Inspiring Words to Cope with Pet Loss Grief includes selected essays, poems, prose, prayers and adages, as well as valuable lists of additional resources — both in print and on the Net.

Gifts of Love was carefully designed to fill some of the gap — to help grief-stricken people cope with the trauma of losing their “best friends,” not only by helping them to grieve the deaths of their pets, but also by encouraging them to continue to celebrate the lives of their beloved companions. Gifts of Love contains compassionately chosen words of comfort, sorrow, joy and wisdom.

Gifts of Love has received endorsements from Bert Troughton, Senior Director, ASPCA®; Dr. Wallace Sife, founder and chairman of the board of The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, and author of the award-winning The Loss of a Pet; and Rita M. Reynolds, author of Blessing the Bridge, What AnimalsTeach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond, and Ask the Cow, a Gentle Guide to Finding Peace.

The soft cover booklet is 5.5” x 8.5”, and retails for $5.99. It is available in wholesale quantities to veterinarians, pet crematories and humane societies (with custom imprinting if requested). The booklet is also included in the White Rose “going home” packages that accompany the final remains of cremated pets.

George’s lifetime of affection and compassion for animals led the accomplished businesswoman to find her calling in helping other people cope with the loss of their own cherished pets. She and her partner, Steve Hellus, founded White Rose Pet Crematory in Brattleboro, Vermont in 2002. They focus on providing a warm, comforting and healing experience for those in mourning, and on helping others celebrate the gifts of love they have shared with their companion animals.